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Terrorists’ love for Telegram, explained

Ahmet Yayla cited in Vox article By Rebecca Tan Terrorism and intelligence experts have known for years that the encrypted messaging application Telegram is now the “app of choice” for terrorists, and specifically for ISIS. The ISIS members behind the 2015 Paris attacks…

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Upfront special: Is it over for ISIL?

Dr. Yayla featured on Aljazeera debate We debate whether ISIL can be defeated, where their support comes from and how to stop them. In 2015 the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) reportedly controlled nearly 300,000 square kilometres…

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Should The West Forgive ISIS Returnees?

Among the penitent are potential time bombs. ICSVE cited in Commentary Magazine article For many would-be Islamist glory-seekers who wanted to participate in the restoration and expansion of a caliphate, who sought glory and brotherhood and also were attracted by…

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