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In Sulimaniah, Iraq, ICSVE Director Anne Speckhard and Ardian Shajkovci were interviewing a jailed ISIS emir. Talking about sex slaves, he waved his hand over all of us and said, “If I controlled this room, all the women in it, I can do what I want, they’re mine.” Dr. Speckhard interjected, saying, “Wait a minute, I’ve got two ISIS guys on video on my laptop who totally disagree with you.” She expected the shackled man to break her computer, but he was totally engaged in the videos. In the end, he hung his head in shame. He admitted, “We were wrong. We had arguments internally about this issue. We gave a bad face to Islam.” This reaction came from a man credited with sending 13 suicide bombers to kill 500 persons. Only minutes before, he had bragged about ISIS and sex slaves. ICSVE’s videos can be used as an effective intervention in prisons to break someone down, getting past their bravado and defenses.

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