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Tannuva Akbar earned both her undergraduate and graduate degree from the University of Toronto, focusing primarily on global security and counter terrorism. Her research in counter terrorism and terrorist financing afforded her the opportunity to work for the Egmont Group in Brussels, Belgium which kindled her interests in the interconnection between financial crimes, organized crimes and global security. Being born and raised in Bangladesh also shaped her perspectives in global security policy challenges. Tannuva gained significant experience in anti-money laundering and human trafficking investigations while working for various private sector entities in Canada. Currently, she works for a global trade organization in Montreal. Tannuva is a published author and is an active member of several academic and professional networks and has been invited to speak as an AML/ATF expert from Canada and to participate in a 3-day United Nations workshop in Malaysia. At ICSVE, Tannuva is helping with Facebook campaigns in Bangladesh and also making the Breaking the ISIS Brand Counter Narratives available in Bengali as well as contributing to scholarly research and writing.

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