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Sara Afonso is a Criminologist with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology from University of Porto, Portugal, and is currently enrolled in a Master’s degree in Terrorism, Organized Crime and Global Security at Coventry University, United Kingdom. At ICSVE Sara is studying responses on Twitter to the ICSVE Breaking the ISIS Brand Counter Narrative Project video clips. During her Bachelor’s final year, she focused on researching the topics of Disengagement and Deradicalization, as well as the reintegration in community of former terrorists. Throughout this year, she was also enrolled in an internship in the Portuguese National Defense Institute where she developed research on national security and global security issues such as Terrorism and Organized Crime. In her Master’s degree, Sara is developing a dissertation on the reintegration of far-right extremists entitled “Why should we reintegrate? Understanding the reintegration of far-right extremists”. Besides, she has been focusing on researching several topics within the Global Security area such as the Sicilian Mafia, Trafficking of Human Beings and Counterterrorism.

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