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Joel Elliott, Ph.D., analyzes propaganda from violent fundamentalist religious groups for ICSVE. He is in the process of writing a policy manual that draws general principles from his research on Daesh propaganda for designing and implementing peaceful counterpropaganda campaigns.

Before transitioning into academia, he worked as a journalist, reporting on conflict and development issues from South Asia, ranging between Pakistan and Vietnam, and countries in between, publishing articles in The New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, and San Francisco Chronicle.

Desiring a fuller understanding of conflict and development, he earned two masters degrees from Brandeis University’s Heller School, one in Coexistence and Conflict, and one in Sustainable International Development. He spent time in Egypt during the Arab Spring revolution and did his master’s thesis on rural peasants’ political aspirations in this context.

While earning a Ph.D. in International Conflict Management from Kennesaw State University, he worked at The Carter Center, first tracking troop movements in Syria for the Conflict Mapping Project, and then analyzing Islamic State propaganda for the Countering Daesh Propaganda Project. He has studied the Arabic language at Middlebury College and at The Arab Academy in Cairo, and continues to pursue better fluency..

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