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Hasan Suzen

Research Fellow

Hasan Suzen, PhD candidate at University of Antwerpen, is currently studying on great power politics, political warfare, hybrid warfare, counter…

Tannuva Akbar

Research Fellow

Tannuva Akbar earned both her undergraduate and graduate degree from the University of Toronto, focusing primarily on global security and…

Gabriel Sjöblom-Fodor

Research Fellow

Gabriel Sjöblom-Fodor is a researcher who specializes in the study of religious community work in the countering of violent extremism…

Othman Mahamud

Junior Research Fellow

Othman Mahamud is a Somali Australian who has a BS in Security and Counter Terrorism from Swinburne University in Melbourne,…

Mona Thakkar

Junior Research Fellow

Mona Thakkar, is a Junior Research Fellow at ICSVE exploring the dominant narratives and propaganda setting strategies of jihadist groups…

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