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ICSVE’s Institutional Review Board is registered with the U.S. government with the following number IRB00013432 

The ICSVE Internal Review Board includes:

Zack Baddorf – National Security & Foreign Affairs – NY Adjunct Professor

Lisa Broderick – Policing issues – Police to Peace

Colonel  Myles Caggins – U.S. Department of Defense, National Council on Foreign Relations

Ambassador Peter Galbraith – Politician, Statesman, ICSVE Advisor 

Molly Ellenberg – ICSVE Research Fellow    

Johnny Holworth – Filmmaker/Journalist

Professor Arie Kruglanski – Social Psychology, Founder of START, ICSVE Advisor 

Mike Pannek – Prisons Expert, Retired from U.S. Department of Justice, ICITAP

John Mooney – Masters in International Security, Journalist

Magnus Rangstorp – Professor of Military & Terrorism Studies

Blerim Skoro – Former federal prisoner/CIA and FBI asset/informant

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