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In 2015, Dr. Speckhard started the Breaking the ISIS Brand–the ISIS Defectors Counter-Narratives ProjectSince then, she, along with ICSVE staff, have interviewed 273 ISIS defectors, returnees and captured ISIS cadres from Syria, Iraq, Western Europe, Central Asia, Africa, and the Balkans and 25 family members of those who went to ISIS, and two terrorist ideologues, most captured on video. She has also, with ICSVE staff, interviewed 16 al Shabaab affiliates.

The ICSVE team has since been editing the videos of defectors denouncing the group into short video clips to upload on the Internet to fight ISIS’s online recruiting. The 250 video clips made thus far are being subtitled in the 21 languages ISIS recruits in and have been focus-tested with success in Central and Southeast Asia, the Balkans, Western Europe, Jordan, Iraq and the United States and can be viewed on ICSVE’s YouTube channel. ICSVE research fellows have also focus-tested them for prevention and intervention purposes globally, specifically with ISIS endorsers on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and in Telegram chatrooms.

ICSVE is dedicated to breaking the ISIS brand and flooding the Internet with counter-narratives to fight what ISIS is saying about the ISIS “Caliphate” and introducing alternatives to the narratives employed by the terrorist group to attract recruits.  The project has been lauded by the White House, the U.S. Senate, the U.S. State Department and many foreign governments as well as been covered in the Washington Post, in Time magazine, on NPR and in many other news networks and print outlets.  

The Breaking the ISIS Brand counter-narrative project videos are being used in multiple countries to fight extremist recruitment in youth and adults and in targeted interventions with foreign fighter returnees and to monitor drivers of radicalization. Our hope is to offer powerful tools to delegitimize terrorist groups and their ideologies and diminish social support for them globally.  

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