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The Call of Duty

The Call of Duty features thirty-one-year-old Abu Hilmi, a Kosovar interviewed in June of 2016 in Kosovo by Anne Speckhard, with Haris Fazilu serving as an interpreter. This video clip was produced by Zack Baddorf and the ICSVE team. It focuses…

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Boys Without Fathers and the Islamic State

ICSVE Video, “Joining the Cubs of the Caliphate” covered by The Clarion Project BY MEIRA SVIRSKY Sunday, June 17, 2018  Some fathers take their sons to be trained by the Islamic State to be jihadi warriors. Others, like this boy, who lost…

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Haram in the Islamic State

Haram in the Islamic States features thirty-three-year-old Abu Said, a defected Syrian, ISIS commander interviewed in November 2015 in southern Turkey by Anne Speckhard and Ahmet S. Yayla. This counter narrative video clip is produced by Zack Baddorf and ICSVE team and…

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